Hi there! I’ve come back from the black hole I’ve been trapped in to give you a new fanfic. It’s OOC, I know, I know, but give it a try….please? :)

Title: Echoes and Empires

Author: Eissedoesit

Summary: “You are of my line, born by the light of my mate. Regardless of what you may feel you must never forget. You are my daughter, Cassiel. And that alone is more than enough.” Meg/Orion mpreg. Character death. Severe AU

Warnings: Severe AU (like always), mpreg, character death, violence, slash

Disclaimer: I own absolute nothing in the transformers fandom. This was not made for profit.

A/N: What brought this about, you would not believe. I can’t even remember exactly why I wrote this but I do know that Andromeda-Prime had something to do with it so I’m dedicating this to her ^_^ For those who care I really thought about quitting the fanfic writing gig. If it were not for the awesome encouragement and support from Andromeda-Prime , Jee Goo, and Hurricane Foundry this account might not even be here anymore. So if you can, send those awesome folks a virtual hug ^_^

"I’m not tired," The librarian rolled his optics, sighing as he straddled his mate’s hips. He placed his dark servos over Megatronus’ own and guided them to the base of his backstrut, his brilliant optics shimmered with mischief, "And I can prove it."

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